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Richard Todd Rotary president 2017-2018)A Greeting from our 2017-2018 President Rotarian Richard Todd

We are based in the Upper Eden Valley at Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria and I joined the Upper Eden Club in late 2008. With a membership in the low thirties (number of members that is, not age!), our members offer a wide variety of backgrounds who are able to contribute in many different ways with the skills and experience gained over many years. At times, they can be quite boisterous, however, they have a great deal of enthusiasm for fund raising events.

This year, we also had our first two lady members join the club. Our main fund raiser is the Yomp Mountain Challenge held on the first Sunday in June. This entails running or walking on the fells around and above Kirkby Stephen and is a major event in the town with people coming from all over the UK to take part.

Since joining Rotary, it has given me a much deeper understanding of what its aims are and also all the good work that goes on worldwide. One of the main topics is Polio Plus, a scheme where money raised goes to helping wipe out Polio. All money raised by Rotary for Polio Plus is matched by the Bill Gates Foundation.

Being very much a part of the local community, we help support local, national and international projects. Our main local project is a raffle which raises money to buy Christmas presents for the 'Over Eighties' in the area.

Rotary is a great organisation providing friendship and fellowship, an organisation I feel proud to belong to. We meet on Tuesday evenings at the Upper Eden Rugby Club, to which guests and visiting Rotarians are always welcome. Certainly Upper Eden Rotary Club is going from strength to strength.

If you are interested in any further information, please feel free to contact myself or any of our members. Details are on this website.

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