Rotary Club of Upper Eden activities

Plus Bus

Plus busIn the autumn of 2010 the Rotary Club of Upper Eden assumed responsibility for operating the Plus Bus, a venture providing a door to door bus service for people with mobility problems. The service operates with assistance from the driver.

Grand Prix Services, Brough, operate the Plus Bus on behalf of the Rotary Club, providing a service to Barnard Castle on the first Tuesday of every month.

Although off to a poor start in December 2010 and January 2011, primarily due to very bad weather conditions, passenger numbers are building up, and in view of  recently proposed cuts in Eden bus services we are considering the possibility of expanding the service.

Plus Bus was originally operated by University College London (UCL) as an experiment in Rural Transport. UCL ran a local rural bus service 6 full days a week. The operation was subsequently handed over to the Upper Eden Plus Bus Company, a charity management committee, but the service was subsequently reduced as funding became more scarce.

With the help of Big Lottery a new bus was bought and operation continued for a total of 10 years. Monthly shopping trips to Barnard Castle were added, and some evening theatre trips, but funding limitations eventually meant that the service had to cease.

The Upper Eden Plus Bus Company was subsequently wound up and the Rotary Club of Upper Eden invited to take over management of the service. The club agreed to manage the service for as long as funds allow and a sum of £5,000 was received from the winding up of the Upper Eden Plus Bus Company.