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Richard Todd Rotary president 2017-2018)A Greeting from our 2017-2018 President Rotarian Richard Todd

We meet on Tuesday evenings at the Rugby Club in Kirkby Stephen, at the wilder end of the unspoiled Eden Valley in north-east Cumbria, where we enjoy a two course meal and perhaps a drink or two. Our club started life 38 years ago and this year we have achieved record membership of 35. We have recently welcomed our first two lady members, and more are anticipated.

I am sometimes asked ‘What is Rotary?” For me the answer is neatly presented in one of Rotary’s stated aims, - “Development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service”. Our meetings are friendly, with plenty of banter, and in keeping with modern times there is nowadays much less formality. A strong camaraderie is developed which enables us to work together enthusiastically in making the world a better place, whether it be in the local community or in contributing to the international achievements of the hugely influential Rotary organisation worldwide. The eradication of polio is the largest of these initiatives, we work together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and we are almost there!

We never seem to be short of entertaining and inspirational speakers at our meetings, and we also arrange outside visits, sporting fixtures against other Rotary clubs, and evening walks. To get an idea of some of the things we did last year click on Activites 2016-17.

Much of our time is spent organising fund raising events, of which the main one is our annual Yomp Mountain Challenge. This attracts people from far and near to walk or run the full 23 miles, largely over exposed open fell, or the 11.5 or 6.5 mile versions. It takes a lot of organising and marshalling – why not come and help us? Better still, if you think that you might like to be a part of what we do come along to one or two of our meetings or events. You will be very welcome.

If you are interested in any further information, please feel free to contact myself or any of our members. Details are on this website.

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