Rotary Club of Upper Eden activities


Members of the Upper Eden Rotary Club are drawn from the market town of Kirkby Stephen and surrounding villages in the upper Eden valley. Like all Rotary clubs, Upper Eden Rotary Club members represent a diverse group of professions who work to address various community and international service needs and to promote peace and understanding throughout the world. See also Committtee Structure.

Member Profession Classification
Alderson, John Accountancy (Retired) Senior Active
Allonby, Ivor Management Network Rail Active
Andrew, John Accountancy
Bainbridge, John Banking (retired)
Senior Active
Barnes, Stephen Accountancy Active
Barr, Bill Veterinary science Active
Begg, John Air traffic engineering (Retired) Senior Active
Caldow, David Office and Educational Furniture Senior Active
Cowin, Lawrence Farming Active
Curtis, Graham Property Development Active
Ellis, William Farming (Retired) Senior Active
Frank, Roger Mechanical engineering Active
Frost, Stan IT Honorary Member
Garrick, David Building Active
Hastwell, Geoff Accountancy Active
Hallam, Carl GP (Retired) Senior Active
Hayllar, Fred Farming Active
Houston, John Industrial accountant (Retired) Senior Active
Jacobs, Brian Bespoke Carpenter Active
Jenkinson, Colin Farming (Retired) Senior Active
Johnstone, Stuart Motor vehicle engineering Active
Littlefair, Arthur Builders merchants(Retired) Senior Active
Lyon, Ben Distribution Active
Metcalfe-Gibson, Michael Farming (Retired) Senior Active
Newcombe, Litini Solicitor Active
Pailor, George Mechanical Design Engineering Active
Prince, David Marketing Active
Scott, David Vehicle Parts Specialist (Retired) Senior Active
Taylor, Tony Baptist Minister (Retired) Senior Active
Thornton, Ray Building (Retired) Senior Active
Todd, Richard Surveyor (Retired) Senior Active
Udale, Ian Speciality Foods Active
Varley, Rosemary Education Active
Wall, Geoff Office Equipment Senior Active
Watkin, Bill Company Director Honorary Member
Whitehead, David Housing Management Senior Active
Wildman, Charles Farming (Retired) Senior Active