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The problem - 'Pride of Cumbria' grounded
In a rural community such as Cumbria and adjoining counties in the north west of England it is inevitable that an ambulance is sometimes too late at the scene of an emergency to save the life of a victim. The Great North Air Ambulance Service strives to minimize response times through the provision of a helicopter ambulance service. The aim is to provide emergency medical cover to the North East, North Yorkshire and Cumbria, ensuring that 80% of the population are within ten minutes of air ambulance cover.

The 'Pride of Cumbria', launched in August 2004, is the third helicopter to be put in service by GNAAS. It costs £750,000 per year to keep the 'Pride of Cumbria' flying. It was grounded in February 2005 due to a lack of funds...

Press Release: 25 February 2005
The Great North Air Ambulance Service has today announced it will be grounding
the “Pride of Cumbria” for a limited period. The helicopter which is presently
based in Appleby was bought into service last August and
has up until now been completely funded
by the people of Cumbria.

Contributions from Rotary Club of Upper Eden
To support the appeal the Upper Eden Rotary Club allocates part of the proceeds from it's annual Yomp fund raising event. We now have a dedicated website to promote the Yomp.

Rotary Club of Upper Eden Yomp Rotary Club of Upper Eden Yomp Rotary Club of Upper Eden Yomp

2006 - Donation from proceeds of Yomp to the 'Great North Air Ambulance Service'.

2005 - £687 was donated from the 2005 Hog Roast. Yomp 2005 - The 'Great North Air Ambulance Service' was nominated as a major charity to be funded by sponsorship in the 23rd Mallerstang Horseshoe & Nine Standards Yomp 2005. £1,000 from the proceeds of the Yomp was subsequently donated to the cause.