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Upper Eden Rotary Club in Africa

The Rotary Iron Lung
Towing and Set Up

The Iron Lung is a fully operational unit housed in its own caravan chassis based braked trailer designed to be easily towed by a suitable towing vehicle.

It is the towers responsibility to check:

  1. Their license permits them to tow such a trailer.
  2. Their vehicle is legally capable of towing the trailer.
  3. Their experience is sufficient to tow the trailer.

Trailer Statistics

Weight – 1050 Kg
Overall length - 4.80m, Body length - 4.00m
Overall width - 1.95m, Body width - 1.55m
Overall height - 2.55m
Nose weight - 85kg
Electrics - standard 7 pin plug

The unit is insured against theft and third party damage under the Rotary Insurance scheme however any damage occurring to the unit or third party whilst in transit ( attached to the towing vehicle ) is the responsibility of the towing vehicles insurance / towing risk. If any doubt exists the tower should check the cover with their vehicle insurer before towing the vehicle.

Set Up

Upon arrival at the display site the unit should be levelled from side to side before unhitching the towing vehicle. The spirit level on the tow bar will assist in this operation. Wooden wheel blocks are stored in the bottom of the towing cupboard inside of the unit.

Once levelled from side to side the trailer brake should be applied and the towing vehicle unhitched and the trailer hitch lock engaged using the key provided.

The unit to be then levelled front to back using the jockey wheel prior to the rear steadies being wound down utilising the handle stored in the towing cupboard.

The side doors can then be fully opened and the stays housed in the towing cupboard set in place to securely tie the doors. The doors are designed to be set either flat against the trailer sides or at a 20 deg. angle.


The reversal of the set up steps with due care taken to :

  1. Ensure the lung bed is closed and locked using one of the over centre clamps.
  2. The side doors are securely closed with the smaller door bolted top and bottom.
  3. The door stays, rear steadies handle and any wheel blocks used are stored safely in the towing cupboard.
  4. The towing vehicle is safely attached to the trailer with the run-away brake cable in place, the electric plug engaged, the jockey wheel raised and clamped and finally the trailer brake set to off.